Message From The Interim Head

Woodlawn School offers to its students a dynamic experience in a safe, nurturing environment where students and teachers feel like they belong - rather than merely “attend.” The culture at Woodlawn School ensures students and teachers can excel in partnership. Throughout the sixteen years of Woodlawn School’s existence, an emphasis on defining what learning looks like differs from the traditional, allowing students to step outside of what is comfortable and take part in an active community that values diverse perspectives is a distinctive characteristic.

As a vibrant and healthy school that focuses on children-centered education and experiences outside of the classroom, students at Woodlawn are encouraged to engage and take personal investment in their education - through service learning and the progressive, unique learning environment made available -where discovery and innovation unfolds. By encouraging participation in extracurricular activities such as clubs, athletic teams, theater, and music, Woodlawn School fosters a responsibility to the school community. Our ultimate goal is to have students feel connected.

A fundamental tenet of Woodlawn School is our dedication to our community, encouraging contributions from all students, faculty and parents. We dedicate time to develop this paramount sense of “belonging to” Woodlawn School. Supporting a commitment to community is a tremendous benefit to our students as we prepare them to become exemplary citizens and educated adults.

As this school year unfolds, it is an honor to recognize that much of our current success is the byproduct of the hard, good work of so many talented people. Thank you for all that you do to support the Woodlawn School mission: To produce independent, lifelong learners who are responsible, contributing members of a diverse global society,

Rob Blackwell, Interim Head of School

Message from the Chairman

Woodlawn’s campus has a nearly 200-year old history yet each school year brings a new beginning. This ‘place’ evolves – from an historic working farm to a young independent school – and our campus reflects both ties to the past as well as new beginnings.

The Woodlawn curriculum also evolves as Woodlawn students grow and enter an evolving world. A curriculum integrated across class boundaries is reflective of the way the world works. Project-based learning espouses an outside-in, experiential environment that takes students through the process, not just the deliverables. Carol Quillen, President of Davidson College, wrote recently that “students learn best when they see where the material will lead them – when learning is grounded in a clear context.” The Woodlawn curriculum, and the campus itself, provides such context.

The notion of ‘lifelong learning’ is perhaps more important today than ever as we all must be prepared to adapt to a changing world. There is a great deal of sentiment that the most important job skill in the future economy is the ‘ability to learn.’ We can take comfort: the Woodlawn experience is an excellent preparation for this challenge, as evidenced by the endeavors of over 100 alumni. In this context our school mission ‘to produce independent lifelong learners…’ remains constant today and essential to our future.

This Annual Report captures some of the many bright elements from this past year including old traditions (10th Annual Art Extravaganza) and new endeavors (Model UN). We acknowledge and thank the many donors and contributors who enable the remarkable Woodlawn experience. An experience well-suited to an evolving world.

Jim Folds, Board Chair

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