Thank you to our donors

Thank you to each and every one of you that has helped make a difference for all of us at Woodlawn this past year. Whether supporting the ‘Blazers Fund, cheering on our sports teams, attending the Gala, or helping transport our students for field trips, your dedication makes a significant and positive difference for our entire Woodlawn Family. The following list reflects unrestricted 100% tax-deductible gifts to the 'Blazers Fund through Thanks for the Giving and Fund-a-Need.



Stinson Circle

Miriam and Ray Jacobson


Founder's Circle

Mary Kim and Jim Folds
Colleen and Hampton Hager
Holly and Bogdan Kaczmarczyk
Heather and Jason Ward


Green & White Circle

Laura and Michael Adams
Kellie and Michael Bickenbach
Sara and Robert Brown
Andrea and Mark Carol
Beth Brownridge and Chris Coutinho
Patricia and James Faccone
Liz and Aaron Feinberg
Jennifer and Tom Foley
Melody and Matthew Fuhr
Katherine and Chris Johnson
Gianna and Barnaby Keller
Cindy and Eric McCurry
Heather and Thomas McElroy
Christine and Mark Nemechek
Kim and Doug Olson
Kathryn Ross and Trent Pitts
Heather and Joshua Rheinbolt
Regan and Tom Ristich
Sheri Silfies and Catherine Verratti


White Oak Club

Carmen and Rick Admani Abulhaj
Nancy Bondurant and Mario Belloni
Amber and Ben Cagle
Ericka and Bill Cain
Sara and Craig Cummings
Jean and John Cunningham
Christine and Troy Fenderson
Cherilyn and Vincent Ferraiuolo
Saghar and Farid Hanachi
Christi Johnson
Cindy and Rudy King
Brenda and Raymond Kolls
Sherry and Kurt Lindquist
Jennifer and Mike McGuire
Angela McKenzie
Chris and Matthew Micolucci
Leena and Tushar Patel
Catherine and Mike Pickard
Andria and David Ratchford
Elise and Doug Redmond
Lynette and Mark Rinker
Naomi and Miguel Simon
Erin and Paul Taaffe
Mary and Eric Vogen
Martha and Greg Williams
Anne and Trey Wills


Trailblazer Club

Nicole Aernouts and Edgar Mueller
Stephanie and Bill Amadio
Jodee and Rob Berini
Denea and Ricky Boyle
Caralyn Brace and Cole Mowry
Wendy and Bob Bradford
Dawn and Austin Dantzler
Vivian Rogers and Dylan Cannon
Sara and Kyle Cerminara
Maria and Fergus Daly
Linda Doan and Tri Tran
Sara and Scott D'Amico
Jarrod Eudy
Tammy and Matthew Forthofer
Shelia and Bryan Freeze
Angie and Rocky Garcia
Suzanne and Rob Grzeszczak
Sarah and Tobin Henry
Shannon and Tom Hockswender
Christi and Doug Klein
Debbie Lolla
Brianne and Ryan McAnelly
Leanne and Paul McCann
Kari and Jim McCormick
Sarah and Mark McGeough
Dena Miller and Joel Stinson
Devika Santos and Khurram Mirza
Lynn and Malcolm Murray
Charlotte and Jay Neal
Elizabeth and Roger O'Connell
Polly Patterson
Georgina and James Petrosky
Sarah and Chad Phillips
Jean and Tory Raether
Leslie and Matt Rawlins
Ann Marie and Jeff Reiner
Ken Reiner
Liz and Charlie Robinson
Tiffany and Antonio Robinson
Joy Rusk and Dana Worley
Mary Sessions and Antonio Salazar Cardozo
Erika and Adam Schapiro
Thrace and Robert Shirley
Jessie and Jarod Sutphin
Rebecca and Jamie Taylor
Christine and Brian Tolleson
Margaret and Brian Van Horn
Amy and Mark Weir
Sayre Weir '11
Kristen Wiesenmayer
Judy Wilson
Debra Witkin and Joseph Nunn
Shelley and Mike Witkin
Heather and Scott Zucker

Under $250


Keren Kurti Alexander
Laine and Nico Amortegui
Patty and Fred Armstrong
Vicky and Al Arrington
Kim Atkins
Raegan and Cobb Atkinson
Kim Ball and Mark Buechler
Jean & Roger Barr
Loveleen and David Barringer
Serena Barringer '13
Tripp Berini '18
Brian Bistreich
Leslie and Rob Blackwell
Sarah and Matthew Blackwell
Shannon and Lee Blakely
Patrick Braxton-Andrew
Celeste Campbell '15
Tammy and Maurice Coreil
Cassidy Coutinho '12
Rachel Coutinho '15
Rebecca Coutinho '15
Joyce and Adam Crilly
Michele Crowell
Mary Rood Cunningham '14
Forrest Daugherty '13
Chelsey Delabruere
Dusty Delponti '18
Cathy and Scott Denham
Jessie and Tim Dennis
Roslyn Dobkin
Judy and Tom Dunn
Donna and Brian Early
Lindsey and Russell Edmondson
Jodi and Glenn Edwards
Joel Eisenhofer
Kathleen Elkins '10
Hannah and Marcus Ellis
Zachary Felts '14
Kim and Dave Fleming
Mark Ford
Glenda and Larry Freeze
Carl Grassi
Jennifer and Richard Hamilton
Hahna and Jim Hayden
Holly and Eric Honeycutt
Ariana Hoshino '16
Tracy Hoskins
Ed Hovis
Mary Ellen Becker and Bruce Hurley
Shelley and Jerod Jones
Isaac Josephthal '11
Jayne Kendall
Darius Knott '11
Amanda and Ryan Kotis
Cathy and Jim Lease
Glynis Lefler
Kimberly Lysne
Eva and Glen Maxion
Haniya and Ryan Mee
Danielle and Matt Milburn
Kelsie Milburn '17
Reilly Milburn '15
Zander Milburn '18
Zoe Milburn '18
Dawn Modrak
Elizabeth Morgan
Pamela Murray
Rachel Neal '17
Barbara and Richard Neidinger
Joe Nemechek
Sara and Rob Nutt
Elizabeth and Martin Obando
Catherine and John Packard
Erica and Albert Perkins
Holly and Jason Pritchard
Chadwick Allen Raines '10
Bernadette and Terence Reed
Tori Rinker '12
Beth Robinson
Clare Robinson '15
Jacquelyn and Brad Satterwhite
Marybeth Schaffner
Karen and Patrick Schneider
Karen and Steve Schwabe
Hamdi and Farah Shire
Ruth and Stewart Simkowitz
Tracy and Owen Smith
Sandra Smith
Jason Sneed
Bryan Stutzman
Claire Stutzman '17
Meredith and Rob Swanson
Brina Tasker '18
Kyle and Matthew Tilley
Nilima Thakkar and Faruqh Nazir
Michele and Carol Trovato
Christopher Van Amburgh
Elizabeth and Scott Vaughan
Katie and Kyle Verlin
Kathy and Paul Vogelsong
Dina and William White
Jackie and Bobby Wildermuth
Sandra and Alfred Wills
Ann and Dave Winkle
Jules Winkle '14
Valerie and James Sumner-Yerry
Christine and Joseph Zammit

Corporate Partners

Allen Tate Realtors
Apple Juice iRepairs
blueharbor bank of Mooresville
Bank of America
Barnes & Noble
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Birkdale Animal Hospital
Box Tops for Education
Bright Funds Foundation
Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat
Cisco Foundation
Clean Juice
D9 Brewing Company
Davidson Family Medicine
Davidson Ice House
Flatiron Kitchen + Taphouse
GP Strategies
Hanachi Orthodontics
Harris Teeter Together in Education
Hill Orthodontics
Ingersoll Rand Charitable Foundation
Just Give Corporation
King Canary Brewing Company
Pete & Pop's Findery
Queen City Pastry
Rose Chauffeured Transportation
Rotary Club of Davidson
Schwab Charitable Fund
St. John Photography
Stutts Marina
Terra Green Precision Landscapes
Vacation at Lake Norman
Verizon Foundation
Wells Fargo
Whit's Frozen Custard

Student Donors

Nadia Abulhaj
Rania Abulhaj
Amelia Amadio
Maggie Badenhorst
Grace Bickenbach
Drake Bowen
Ava Brown
Daniel Brown
Joey Carol
Royce Carol
Valerie Conrad
Stella D'Amico
Vincent D'Amico
Aubrey Dantzler
Jessi Dickerson
Braden Edmondson
Reagan Ellis
Maris Fagan
Zoe Feinberg
James Folds
Libby Foley
Madeline Freeze
Sloane Fuhr
Hank Grzeszczak
Jack Hager
Olivia Hockswender
Owen Hockswender
Gavin Honeycutt
Asher Howard
Beckett Howard
Grayson Hurley
Caroline Ingraham
Ginger Jacobson
Russell Jacobson
Alsu Johnson
Abby Keller
Claire Kendall
Jack Kendall
Dean Klein
Morgan Klein
Clayton Kolls
Erika Lease
Payton Lease
Bella Gray McCurry
Emma McGeough
Matthew Micolucci
Gabe Miller
Isabelle Murray
Gavin Nazir
Wesley Neal
Kevan Nikolich
Nathan Nunn
Susanna Obando
Tiago Obando
Ben Pickard
Nick Pritchard
Grace Raether
Seth Raether
Cade Redmond
Gracie Redmond
Jackson Rheinbolt
Elizabeth Robinson
Michael Schwabe
Micah Shepherd
Michael Shepherd
Samuel Simon
Henry Sneed
Genevieve Sumner-Yerry
Zoey Sutphin
Ella Grace Tolleson
Mary Van Horn
Coco Ward
Nate Ward
Dylan White
Ella Williams

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